About this site

About this site

https://www.nissei-gtr.global/en/ (hereinafter called "this site") is managed by NISSEI CORPORATION or its agent (hereinafter called "we/our/us").

Before using this site, read the following terms of use and agree to them. Note that if your start using this site, you will be deemed to have agreed to all of the following terms of use. We may change the terms of use of this site. When we change them, we shall publish the revised version of this document of terms of use, so confirm the contents of the latest version.

About handling of personal information

We shall handle personal information received from customers based on the privacy policy.

About copyrights

The information, etc. of the documents, programs, photos, videos, animations, articles, databases, data, logos, etc. available in this side are protected by intellectual property rights owned by us and third parties. Therefore, it is prohibited to copy, download, edit, reprint, distribute, etc. them without permission of their right owners excluding use within the legally permitted range such as quotation to the extent specified in this site and non-profit private use. However, it shall be subject to display of our copyright on the copy.


We pay close attention to the information available in this site, but we do not guarantee its reliability, validity, safety, certainty, etc. expressly nor impliedly and assume no responsibility for any loss caused by use of this site and the information in it.

We may change or delete information or URLs on this site or suspend or discontinue running this site without notice, so when using this site, confirm the latest contents. We assume no responsibility for any loss caused by these.

Any of the information of this site is intended to solicit you to buy or sell our shares. For investments, please make decision by yourself.

About links

Linking from this site to another site run by a third party does not mean that we guarantee the site for our providing the link and we assume no responsibility for any loss caused by the linked site. The linked sites shall be used according to the terms of use applicable to each linked site. We assume no obligation nor responsibility such as compensation for damage even if this site is linked to or a dispute occurs due to linking to this site or any matter associated with it.

About the applicable laws and court with jurisdiction

Unless otherwise specified, the applicable laws for interpretation and management of use of this site and "Terms of use" shall be the laws of Japan and the interpretation shall conform to the laws. In addition, unless otherwise specified, the Nagoya District Court shall be the court with jurisdiction of the first trial for any disputes associated with use of this site.