Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Last Updated: April 18, 2018

NISSEI CORPORATION (hereinafter called "we/our/us") shall comply with the following policy for handling of personal information.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations concerning personal information, etc.

We shall comply with the laws and regulations concerning protection and handling of personal information, other codes, etc.

2. Purpose of use of obtained personal information

We shall use the personal information received from customers for the following purposes.

2-1. Personal information of customers

  • To provide information regarding products and services in manufacturing of transmissions for machines
  • To make reports, contact, and consultation regarding fulfillment of contracts
    (For these two purposes, we may provide the company name, name of the person in charge, and phone number to a client, etc. orally or in writing to the extent judged to be reasonable to achieve the purpose.) This provision shall be stopped without delay in response to a request from the corresponding customer.)

2-2. Personal information of shareholders

  • To exercise rights and fulfill obligations based on laws and regulations
  • For the issuing company to provide favors to the position as a shareholder
  • To take measures to make smooth the mutual relationship between shareholders and the company from the viewpoint of members of an association and the association
  • To manage shareholders such as creating data of shareholders based on the specified standards based on laws and regulations

2-3. Personal information regarding condominiums

To manage the contracts of the condominiums we own

2-4. Personal information of those who apply for our recruitment

To provide information about recruiting activities and make pass-fail notices

2-5 Other personal information

To make the necessary reports, notifications, and consultations for our business

3. Use and collection of information

The personal information we obtain shall not be used for any other purposes than the above-mentioned purposes.
Also acquisition of personal information is limited to the extent necessary for achievement of purposes.

4. Through protection and management of personal information

We shall formulate rules concerning personal information protection which stipulate the safety management measures of personal information, implementation of employee education, etc. and handle personal information appropriately according to the rules.

5. About requests for disclosure of the owned personal data, etc.

The following shows our response to inquiries about and requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, stop of use, and stop of provision to third parties, of the personal data we own.

5-1. Procedures, etc.

Download the following "Request form for disclosure of personal data, etc.," fill in the mandatory items, attach a form of identification, and directly bring or send it to the following reception.
Note that you shall bear the actual expenses including the postage fee.

1. Items to be submitted for request

  • Request form for disclosure of personal data, etc.
  • Form of identification
    Copy of any of the driver license, certificate of insurance, and passport
  • For a request by a legal representative, attach a document which proves the power of legal representation and a form of identification of the representative in addition to the above-mentioned documents. For a request by a representative based on entrustment, attach a proxy and a form of identification of the representative.

2. Reception

Inoue, Izumicho, Anjo, Aichi 444-1297
Personal information reception, NISSEI CORPORATION
TEL: 0566-92-1156

5-2. Answer method

We will send the information to the address described on the application form by recorded delivery.

5-3. Commission

For a request for disclosure, pay a commission of 500 yen per request by the following payment method based on Article 30 of the Personal Information Protection Law.

  • Coming to our office - Cash
  • Mail - Enclose postage stamp
    If the commission is insufficient or not enclosed, we shall notify that effect, but if it is not paid within two weeks after the notification, we shall not perform disclosure, etc. nor return the commission.

*Note that we may change the commission without notice.

5-4. Handling of obtained "personal information" regarding requests for disclosure, etc.

We shall handle it to the extent necessary to respond to requests for disclosure, etc.

5-5. in the following cases, we may not be able to disclose all or a part of the information:

  • It may damage the life, body, properties, or any other right or profit of the corresponding person or third party
  • The owned personal data includes information such as evaluation and judgment and its disclosure may cause significant trouble for appropriate fulfillment of our business
  • It violates any other laws and regulations
  • Identification is impossible
  • The request is made by a representative and the power of representation cannot be confirmed
  • The submitted documents are insufficient

*If the information is not disclosed, we shall notify that effect with reasons. Even if it is not disclosed, the specified commission shall be paid.

6.About use of Cookie

Cookie is small-scale information sent from a WEB server to your browser for efficient use of Internet and may be recorded as a file in your hard disk. We shall not use Cookie in combination with information with which an individual can be identified without prior notice. Cookie can be disabled by the browser setting of your computer.

When cookies are enabled, we record our visitors’ actions on our website and personal information for marketing/statistical analysis. Though it is possible to disable the cookies on your internet browser, please note that this may disable some service functions on our website.

7. About SSL

SSL is the abbreviation of Secure Socket Layer and provides secure encrypted communication. Our site uses SSL when asking for entry of customer information. It can be used automatically in a browser compatible with SSL (Internet Explorer, etc.) in its initial status without any special settings.

8. Improvement and change in this policy

We continue to improve this policy. We may change this policy along with a change in laws and regulations, etc.