Concentric Right Angle Hollow Bore / Concentric Right Angle Shaft (F3)(0.1kW-2.2kW)

Concentric Right Angle Hollow Bore / Concentric Right Angle Shaft (F3)(0.1kW-2.2kW)


High efficiency/Low noise

The high-ratio hypoid gear realizes high efficiency, low noise, and long service life by eliminating distortion caused by heat treatment by CBN grinding after heat treatment

Symmetrical double-sided installation

Free installation thanks to the concentric/double-sided flange

Face mount installation

The mounting holes on both sides have a tap

Long service life (seal)

A proprietary seal structure with a long service life is adopted

Inverter set service

Combined sale of the J1000 inverter made by YASKAWA Electric Corporation
The inverter is shipped with the parameters set in accordance with the gearmotor, so it can be used right out of the box

Motor Power and Reduction Ratio

Motor PowerReduction Ratio
3-Phase1-PhaseConcentric Right Angle Hollow Bore (F3S)Concentric Right Angle Solid Shaft (F3F)
0.1kW100W5 to 15005 to 240
0.2kW200W5 to 12005 to 240
0.4kW400W5 to 6005 to 240
0.75kW5 to 3005 to 240
1.5kW5 to 2405 to 60
2.2kW5 to 1205 to 30

Model composition

  • Gearmotor
  • Gearmotor with brake
  • Water-proof/Outdoor (IP65) gearmotor
  • Water-proof/Outdoor (IP65) gearmotor with brake
  • Reducer (double-shaft type)
  • S-Type Reducers (compatible with the specified motor)

The model with a motor capacity of 0.75kW-2.2kW is the high-efficiency IE3 gearmotor.