Parallel Shaft (G3)(0.1kW-2.2kW)

Parallel Shaft  (G3)(0.1kW-2.2kW)


Low noise

  • The built-in gear (helical gear) realizes low noise by high precision machining and carburizing and quenching using special steel
  • Proprietary special brake structure and low-noise brake adopting the laminated damping steel sheet armature

You can select from three installation types

  • Leg mount type fixed to the base such as the floor
  • Flange mount type which can be installed to the device directly
  • Small flange mount type with a small flange area

Inverter set service

Combined sale of the J1000 inverter made by YASKAWA Electric Corporation
The inverter is shipped with the parameters set in accordance with the gearmotor, so it can be used right out of the box

Motor Power and Reduction Ratio

Motor Power
Reduction Ratio
0.1kW100W5 to 1200
0.2kW200W5 to 1200
0.4kW400W5 to 1200
0.75kW5 to 450
1.5kW5 to 200
2.2kW5 to 100

Model composition

  • Gearmotor
  • Gearmotor with brake
  • Water-proof/Outdoor (IP65) gearmotor
  • Water-proof/Outdoor (IP65) gearmotor with brake
  • Gearmotor with a clutch/brake (standard type/reinforced type)
  • Reducer (double-shaft type)
  • S-Type Reducers (compatible with the specified motor)

The model with a motor capacity of 0.75kw-2.2kw is the high-efficiency IE3 gearmotor.