Right Angle Shaft (H) (15W-90W)

Right Angle Shaft  (H) (15W-90W)


High efficiency/Low noise

The high-ratio hypoid gear realizes high efficiency, low noise, and long service life by eliminating distortion caused by heat treatment by CBN grinding after heat treatment

Wide variation

  • High reduction ratios up to 1/1800 are standardized
  • Leg mount is standardized

Motor Power and Reduction Ratio

Motor PowerReduction ratio
15W15W10 to 1800
25W25W10 to 1800
40W40W10 to 1800
60W60W10 to 1800
90W90W10 to 1800

Model composition

  • Gearmotor
  • Gearmotor with brake
  • Water-proof (IP65) gearmotor
  • Water-proof (IP65) gearmotor with brake
  • Speed control gearmotor