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Small Diameter & Small Module Gears

A unique gear for field required small shape and high performance.

In advanced industries such as the industrial robot sector, there is an increasing demand for smaller and high precision gears. We perform gear tooth grinding and heat treatment of gears to improve their precision, and we also handle large lots with our integrated production system from ordering right through to delivery. With our reliable skills and ability to respond to our customers’ needs, we provide unique gears to our happy customers.

Features of Gears

Gears for Robots

Our gears are used by numerous well-known robot manufacturers!

A robot arm with many drive units requires a wide variety of movements for each joint (axis), and gears of various sizes and shapes are required to make these movements possible. We provide total support from design to the production of gears according to the application in which they will be installed. With our vast track record and development capabilities, we meet all manner of customer needs.

High Precision Gears for Robots

are a high precision
gear manufacturer with
an integrated production system.

We have 150 or more gear cutting machines in total,
serve for bespoke spur and bevel gears manufacturing.
We also comply with JIS Class 0 precision.
Our integrated production system, which includes heat treatment,
starts from the design phase, and is capable of producing 500,000 pcs/month,
making it one of the largest among OEM gear manufacturers.
With our integrated production capabilities,
we are capable of taking on modern challenges and meeting demands including small diameters,
small modules, and challenging for complex shapes.

Original Technology and Production System

Proposal of High Stiffness Reducers and Custom-order gears

The Best choice for Robots and FA equipment.

Vertically articulated robot

Wafer Handling robot



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Our Ability to Solve Problems

Any Problems? We Are Here to Help.

We happily fulfill our customers’ diverse needs with our “total gear technology” and “teamwork” to provide products that are thin, lightweight, high precision, low noise, and sold as units.