Structure / Features

[Structure] Input bearing inside

Oil Seal(Output shaft) Oil Seal(Output shaft)
Cross Roller Bearing/Bearing housing Cross Roller Bearing/Bearing housing
Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing (Input shaft) Single-Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing (Input shaft)
Planetary Gear Planetary Gear
Crank shaft/Needle Pin Crank shaft/Needle Pin
Reactive force plate/Reactive force plate holder Reactive force plate/Reactive force plate holder
Bracket Bracket
High Stiffness Reducer structure illustration

[Features] Flat and lightweight with input bearing inside

Our reducer can contain input bearing inside even it is already very light and thin. Thus, users can feel how compact and light firmly when designing equipment.

Thinner and lighter due to tooth cutting on the inner ring of the Cross Roller Bearing
Input bearing inside / Making devices more compact

Release date: 2022.12.02 Click the image to watch the video.
The video is on YouTube.

DGF type Precautions for Use

Lubricant / Seal material
Grease is sealed in the reducer when it is shipped from our factory.
However, the oil seal is not attached to the input shaft.
If necessary, attach a seal to the device to prevent grease leakage.
[Important] Fill 70 to 80 % of the spatial volume of the device with our dedicated grease (sold separately).*Grease density : 0.9 g/㎤

Precautions for the Grease
1. Using grease in over or under designated amount or different grease may result in performance deterioration or early damage.
2. Take care to prevent dust, moisture from entering the grease.

Grease information

The values shown above are representative values. Actual values may be slightly different depending on manufacturing lots.
Operating temperature range: -30°C to 130°C
Handling precautions
- It corresponds to non-dangerous goods in the Fire Service Act.
- Avoid direct sunlight, and store the reducer in a well-ventilated place.
- Please check the “Safety Data Sheet (SDS)” before starting to use.

Example of grease sealing space

*When the spatial volume of the device side is 24 cm3
Sealed amount of grease = 24 cm3 × 0.9 g/cm3 × 75% = 16.2 g

■ When installing this product, use the attached O-rings (two types).

Precautions for the O-rings
1. Before using O-rings, make sure that they are free from damage.
2. When mounting the O-rings, take care not to allow the adherence or entry of foreign substances and dust.
3. Please attach O-rings so that they do not get twisted.
4. Please attach O-rings so that they do not get pinched.
5. The O-ring contact surface of your device shall have a surface roughness of Ra 1.6 or less (Rz 3.2 or less).

O-rings model
O-rings mounting surface