Installation method

This page shows the detailed instructions how to mount the High Stiffness Reducer.

1. How to mount reducer (Example)

To fix reducer (Positioning and fixing)

2. To fix reducer (Positioning and fixing)

How to position/fix reducer

3. How to position/fix reducer

How to position/fasten output part

4. To fasten input part (Positioning))

How to position/fasten input part

5. Grease filling and sealing


《Grease filling》
Fill 70 to 80 % of the spatial volume of the device with our dedicated grease (sold separately).
(Grease density : 0.9 g/㎤)

・The amount of grease required differs depending on the type of housing.
・Grease is sealed in the reducer when it is shipped from our factory.


The flat and lightweight type (DGF) reducer does not have a sealed structure. If necessary, please install a seal or other on the equipment side to prevent grease leaks.
Also, please place the O-rings (two types) supplied with the product where the reducer is mounted.

Grease filling and sealing